New Property Search App

The Rutherford County Property Assessor's new Property Search App is now available for free on the Property Assessor's website. Get it in the iTunes Store or Android Store today! These new apps were designed to assist property industry professionals and citizens to access data from the web via moblie devices. This allows them to search for property information in Rutherford County in a more convient manner. Please try these apps out and let us know how to improve them.

New Changes to Haley Road Recycling Center

Effective July 4, 2014 The Rutherford County Solid Waste Department will now have new hours of operation at the Haley Road Recycling Center in Murfreesboro. Mac Nolen, Rutherford County Solid Waste Director states, “For over a decade the County operated several sites that were available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Haley Road is the last unmanned site, and unfortunately the County is no longer able to offer this type of service. Because it is unmanned, some citizens have abused and even vandalized facilities, and contaminated recycling commodities. We must change to operate more efficiently.”
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