"We need to start loving each other and stop hating. Be kind to each other.”

Willie Brandon, 2007



An Exceptional Man

A loving husband, father and grandfather. A loyal friend and co-worker. A God-fearing man. A gentle man. An honorable man.

Paying tribute to Mr. Brandon is a huge task. How do you capture a century of emotions and memories? How can you adequately portray the character of such a unique individual? Simply put, it can't be done. This website however, will give others an opportunity to be touched by this gracious man, and help to preserve his rich history.

Perhaps Evans Maples, former Trustee for Rutherford County, best expresses the sentiments of those who have been fortunate enough to know Mr. Brandon..."There have been a lot of good people associated with the Courthouse, but he is the only great one. And I know that for the truth."