"We need to start loving each other and stop hating. Be kind to each other.”

Willie Brandon, 2007



This Website was created 6/2/08 by Mary Montgomery


R.O.D.P. University Studies Class 4995 - Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Project Title: Tribute to Mr. Willie Brandon. Final Revisions made on 7/6/08.

A special thanks to Rutherford County's OIT Department (Office of Information Technology), for all of their help and support, and to Janie Davis, for her vast amount of information.

Most importantly, a heartfelt "thank you" to my friend, Mr. Willie Brandon. You are so very special to me.

Special Notes – 1/6/2010  
This website was created in June, 2008 to satisfy the requirements of an independent project class, RODP (Regents Online Degree Program) UNIV 4995, required for my graduation in August, 2008. Many criteria—a professional background supporting the project, a project proposal, an action plan, the use of professional contacts to evaluate the final project, and extensive interviews and research were required and submitted for approval to the course instructor. The final project had to include multimedia elements (video, slide show), a reflective paper, and an oral presentation.
My goal was to preserve Mr. Brandon’s stories, his history and his memories. Above all, I wanted to stay true to my title, “Tribute to Mr. Willie Brandon”. Throughout the project our friendship deepened and we simply had a good time. I discovered his passion for education and basked in the pride he had for me returning to school at the age of 50. When I finished the project he gave me an “A” before I ever turned it in. Obviously, that was the grade that counted!
Creating this website for one of Rutherford County’s most unique and treasured citizens, Mr. Willie Brandon, was both an honor and a privilege.  
My friend, Mr. Willie Brandon, passed away yesterday, on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010. He was 103 years old, and, while it shouldn’t have been a shock to me, it was. I guess I always thought we’d have him around... after all; his grandfather lived to be 115.  
The grief is sharp but the joy of having known this kind and gentle man is something I will always cherish.

Mary Montgomery