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Procedures for Pools

Effective immediately all pool permits issued will require a $100.00 refundable deposit in addition to the permit fee. The Final Inspection Agreement is signed by the homeowner or contractor obtaining the pool permit. The deposit will be fully refunded if a final inspection is completed within 180 days of the permit issue date.

Pool Permits:

  • Homeowner or Contractor can pull permit
  • Zoning Compliance Form
  • Environmental Report - septic tank and field line location layout
  • Public Education Handouts
  • Barrier agreement signed (can only be signed by the homeowner)
  • Permit Issuance

Site Inspection:

  • Pool installation must begin within 180 days of permit being issued or permit is void.
  • An extension may be requested in writing and granted if authorized by the Building Official.
  • An inspection must be requested by the permit holder before 24” of water is placed.

Inspection Procedure:

  • Inspection made and compliance verified.
    • Pool in compliance (final and close permit)
  • Inspection made and pool is in violation.
  • Pool violation (no barrier and more than 24” of water)
    1. Drain pool below 24” of water depth
    2. Ten (10) days to install barrier – letter of correction mailed or install temporary barrier for sixty (60) days only.
    3. Follow up within five days with certified letter mailed.
    4. Citation to responsible party.

For additional information about pool barriers please view the Safety Barrier Guidelines for Home Pools PDF.