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319 N Maple St.
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205 I St.
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Eagleville City Hall
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8:00-5:00 Friday

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*No out of state checks

**Please note that if you choose to use any of the cards listed above, a service charge of 2.25% plus .25 cents will apply to the total charge. This service fee is administered through a third party and Rutherford County Clerk does not receive these fees.


Probate Fees

Revised June 1, 2016


$369.50 – For opening and closing an estate other than a small estate. This includes 1 letter testamentary or letters of administration.  Each additional letter is $6.00.

$180.50-- For filing a small estate affidavit.
$11.00 – For filing and docketing claims, giving release on each claim, the claimant is charged.
$42.00 – For Filing exceptions to claims against estates, mailing notices and entering the order.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

$299.50 – Standard filing fee that includes costs for filing the request for letters of guardianship and Conservatorship, issuing all initial process, cost bond, entering the order, issuing certificates of guardianship and conservatorship, and services for the final accounting and order closing the case.

Category Two Probate Fees

$239.50 – For filing a new request for removal of disabilities of minor, incompetence, legitimation cases, name changes, correction of birth certificate, habeas corpus cases.

Other Miscellaneous Probate Fees

$12.00 – For entering any order on an existing case other than closing order not otherwise
$6.00 – For issuing summons, subpoenas, citations, writs and notices, including copies of process when required by law, other than the initial process in probate matters.
$45.00 – For filing, reviewing, recording annual or interim settlement or accounting and entering order approving settlement.
$6.00 – For each additional letters testamentary, administration, guardianship or conservatorship.

-- Sheriff Fees on Service not included. --

Creditors Notice

$135.00 – Daily News Journal

$125.00 - Main Street Media


If you have any questions or comments please e-mail