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RCEMA Photos

The following images are the property of Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency. They are shown here for your education. Please do not copy or reproduce them in any way without first receiving permission from RCEMA. Thank You.

Hurricane Katrina EvacuationHAZMAT OperationsCave RescueMotor Vehicle Accidents
Training Exercises In the FieldTraining Exercises In the Class Room

Hurricane Katrina Evacuation  
Image of people boarding a plane Image of people signing up for assistance
HAZMAT Operations  
Two firefighters in HAZMAT gear entering a building Photo of firefighters discussing the situation
Gearing up in HAZMAT outfits
HAZMAT workers alking to an overturned semi truck
Emergency personel getting briefed on the situation Emergency personel getting briefed on the situation
Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs)  
Crash victem on a stretcher Crashed semi cab
TN troopers reviewing a two vehicle crash Murfreesboro policeman looking at a crashed car
Firefighters working to get someone out of a crashed car Firefighters spraying foam on a small crashed plane
Training Exercises - In the Field  
HAZMAT training Firefighter training
Students playing the part of crash victims HAZMAT victim on a stretcher
Training Exercises - Class Room  
Class room training people talking Class room training people listening to a speaker




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