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Training Schedule

Please contact Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency for training applications.

LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Each class must have a minimum of 15 students,

If this number is not met class will be canceled and notifications will be sent out.

For training questions and applications please contact the EMA

1220 W. College St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Phone: (615) 898-7764
Fax: (615) 898-7840



Tuesday September 30th @ 1pm

Rutherford County EMA/EOC

Conducted by the 45th CST, this refresher course Biohazard Sampling technique session will last approximately 2 hours with presentation, and hands on activity. No application is required however, you must me a current credentialed hazmat technician attached to a full time department to attend this class. Seating is limited to 25. Call or email Tera Simmons tsimmons@rutherfordcountytn.gov to reserve a seat.

Cutoff date to reserve is COB- September 16th.




Friday October 17th 8am to 5pm

Smyrna  Airport Terminal 278 Doug Warpoole Road.

Smyrna TN.

Terminal Conference Room – 2nd Floor

This 8 hour training session is sanctioned by the US Department of Energy under their Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program (TEPP).  It is designed to provide response agencies with information designed to meet the challenge of preparing for response to transportation incidents involving radioactive materials.  This training is a required pre-requisite for continued training as a hazmat technician in the state of Tennessee.

Pre-requisites for entering the class: FEMA IS 3  Radiological Emergency Management which may be taken on-line at: 


A copy of your certificate must be attached to your application.  Please call the EMA at 615-898-7764 or email tsimmons@rutherfordcountytn./gov to request an application.  Application cutoff date 1, October 2014,



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