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(615) 896-2520

Poison Control Center

606 East Burton Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
(615) 898-7790

Mike Nunley, EMT-P, RN
Director of EMS

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Mission Statement

To ensure that highest quality emergency medical service is available for the citizens and visitors to Rutherford County and that the medical care is consistent with best practices and evidence based medicine.


The goal of Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program is to establish a system wide process for evaluating and improving the quality of prehospital care in Rutherford County.

The continued success of the CQI Program is dependent on the participation of many dedicated people. This includes EMS Medical Director, EMS Director, CQI Director, CQI Coordinator and EMS staff assigned to CQI and EMS providers CQI reveals potential areas for improvement of the EMS System, identifies training opportunities, highlights outstanding clinical performance, audits compliance with treatment protocols, and reviews specific illnesses or injuries along with their associated treatments. These efforts contribute to the continued success of our emergency medical services through a systematic process of review, analysis, feedback, and improvement.

Currently Rutherford County EMS utilizes the Quality Management tools provided by ESO Solutions™. CQI Managers can send information much more efficiently than ever before. Paramedics and EMT-IVs can review calls and send feedback directly back to the CQI Division through a secured network. Ad Hoc reports are available with ESO Solutions™ for statistics and trending information. The information we receive now is more accurate, more timely, and more useful than it has ever been.

Emergency Medical Dispatch CQI

The goal of EMD Quality Improvement is to provide appropriate dispatching for EMS units and enhance the EMD program and training for Dispatchers. The Dispatch Review Committee (DRC) regularly reviews both trending and sentinel event data to monitor dispatch activities. The CQI process includes a feedback system to dispatchers, supervisors, and EMS.