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What, Where & How to Recycle

Containers labeled with a plastic type of #1 - #7 such as soda, milk, juice, shampoo and yogurt containers are accepted. Styrofoam is not included.  Please rinse and flatten containers. Plastic motor oil, antifreeze, pesticide or other hazardous waste containers are not accepted.

Corrugated cardboard, cereal and food boxes, and clean pizza boxes are recyclable. Please break down and flatten boxes as much as possible to save space.

Aluminum Cans
Aluminum beverage cans should be rinsed and flattened to save space. Please do not include paint and aerosol cans.

Steel Cans
All cans that contain food such as soup and beans can be recycled. Labels and lids may remain, but please rinse and flatten.

Mixed Paper, Newspaper, Magazines
All clean paper from home such as junk mail, schoolwork, computer paper, magazines, catalogues, brown paper bags, and newspapers including inserts are accepted. Please do not bundle or place in bags.

Glass Bottles and Jars
Glass should be rinsed and then sorted by color. Please recycle the lids with the steel cans. Labels may remain but no dishware, ceramics, mirrors and window glass are accepted.


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