Rutherford County Fire Rescue Masthead


– CALL 911 –

(615) 898-7770

Poison Control Center

Larry Farley, Chief
Rutherford County

2785 Barfield Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

Phone: (615) 867-4626
Fax (615) 494-4474

Rutherford County Fire Rescue

Recently three volunteer fire departments and two resue squads in Rutherford County were combined together to form the new Rutherford County Fire Rescue Department. The department is headed by Fire Chief Larry Farley in a full time paid position. Currently, personnel under him work on a volunteer basis. Since its inception the department has been making great strides in improving services to citizens of the county by increasing training requirements and staffing availabilities of departments. In recent months average response times to motor vehicle accidents have dropped from 16 minutes to 6.8 minutes and fire responses have also dramatically decreased.

The county is also blessed with the resources of eight other Volunteer Fire Departments. These departments consist of volunteers who expend countless hours of training and response time outside of there normal lives. They selflessly risk their own personal safety on each and every run they make. These volunteers are dedicated to protecting life and property for the citizens of Rutherford County while receiving limited funding from outside sources. These departments depend largely on contributions/donations from the people they serve.

For information on joining services, Fire Department activity, or training contact (615) 898-7764.