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Welcome to Circuit Court, Division III

Serving the Citizens of Rutherford and Cannon Counties


M. Keith Siskin, Judge

- This Week in Circuit Court -

The Administrative Judge for the week of October 24-28 is Judge Siskin (Room 505).

* * * * *

Monday 10/24:

9:00 AM:  Cannon County Chancery Docket; Cannon County Circuit Pre-Trial Conference: Genet v. Pittard, No. 825

Tuesday 10/25:

9:00 AM:  Circuit Docket; Chancery Docket

Wednesday 10/26:

9:00 AM:  Circuit Docket

Thursday 10/27:

9:00 AM:  Circuit Docket

Friday 10/28:

9:00 AM:  Circuit Docket

1:00 PM:  State v. Craighead, Circuit No. 70739

- Legal News & Announcements -

Chancellor Howard Wilson Elected as Presiding Judge of Sixteenth Judicial District:

The Trial Judges of the Sixteenth Judicial District have elected Chancellor Howard Wilson as the next Presiding Judge of the District.  Wilson succeeds M. Keith Siskin as Presiding Judge, and will serve a two-year term in that role, beginning on September 1, 2016.  The Presiding Judge is responsible for assigning cases to the other Judges in the District, and for taking any actions necessary to correct any condition adversely affecting the administration of justice in the District.  The Sixteenth Judicial District includes Rutherford and Cannon Counties.

Chancellor Howard Wilson  

Justice Jeffrey Bivens Elected as Chief Justice of Tennessee Supreme Court:

The Tennessee Supreme Court has elected Justice Jeffrey Bivens as its next Chief Justice.  Bivens succeeds Sharon Lee as Chief Justice, and will serve a four-year term in that role, beginning on September 1, 2016.  Tennessee's Chief Justice is responsible for the administrative functions of the Supreme Court, such as setting dockets, making designations, and ensuring the efficient and orderly administration of justice throughout the state's courts. For more information, please see the Administrative Office of the Courts' website.

Chief Justice Jeffrey Bivens

New Rutherford County General Sessions Court Judge Lisa Eischeid Takes Oath of Office:

Newly-elected Rutherford County General Sessions Court Judge, Part IV, Lisa Eischeid, was sworn into office on Thursday, August 18, 2016.  Sixteenth Judicial District Circuit Court Judge J. Mark Rogers administered the oath.  Judge Eischeid's term begins on September 1, 2016.  Rutherford County recently created Part IV of the General Sessions Court to help reduce overcrowding at the local jail, and to assist the other three General Sessions Judges with their caseloads.  The General Sessions Court has jurisdiction over civil cases where the amount in controversy does not exceed $25,000, and criminal cases involving preliminary hearings for felony charges and trials for misdemeanor charges wherein the defendant waives the right to a Grand Jury investigation and waives the right to a jury trial in Circuit Court.

Rutherford County General Sessions Court Judge Lisa Eischeid (center) poses with other members of the local Judiciary after taking her Oath of Office.

Pictured, from left to right, are: Front Row - General Sessions Judge Ben Hall McFarlin, Jr., Smyrna Town Court Judge Lynn Alexander, Judge Eischeid, Juvenile Court Judge Donna Scott Davenport, Circuit Judge M. Keith Siskin; Back Row - Retired Circuit Judge J.S. Daniel, Circuit Judge David Bragg, General Sessions Judge Barry Tidwell, Circuit Judge Royce Taylor, Senior Judge Don Ash (obscured in picture), General Sessions Judge Toby Gilley, Juvenile Court Magistrate Jeff McCullough, and Circuit Judge J. Mark Rogers (Not pictured, but present: Chancellor Howard Wilson).

- The Court and the Community -

Judge Siskin participated in a panel of the Judiciary that answered questions about domestic relations law from Legal Aid attorneys and domestic violence advocates at the Tennessee Equal Justice University conference in Murfreesboro.

Pictured, from left to right, are DarKenya Walker (Managing Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Middle TN & the Cumberlands), Davidson County Special Master Dana Ballinger, Judge Siskin, and Davidson County General Sessions Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton.

* * * * *

Judge Siskin gave a lecture on domestic relations law at the Tennessee Association for Justice conference in Nashville.

* * * * *

Judge Siskin received an award for recruiting new members to the Murfreesboro Downtown Barristers Lions Club.

Pictured, from left to right, are Judge Siskin and General Sessions Judge Barry Tidwell (Lions Club President).

* * * * *

Judge Siskin participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Rutherford County Judicial Center.

Pictured, from left to right, are Circuit Judge J. Mark Rogers, General Sessions Judge Ben Hall McFarlin, Jr., Judge Siskin, Chancellor Howard Wilson, Circuit Court Clerk Melissa Harrell, and Chancery Court Clerk & Master John A.W. Bratcher.

* * * * *

Judge Siskin joined other members of the local judiciary at a luncheon to benefit victims of domestic violence.

Pictured, from left to right, are Juvenile Magistrate Adam Dodd, General Sessions Judge Ben Hall McFarlin, Jr., Child Support Magistrate Diana Burns, Juvenile Judge Donna Scott Davenport, Judge Siskin, and Circuit Judge David Bragg.

* * * * *

Judge Siskin sponsored a group of local attorneys for admission to the United States Supreme Court Bar.

Pictured, from left to right, are Bert McCarter, Travis Lampley, Judge J.S. Daniel, Sonya Wright, Barbara Marie Penland-LaFevers, Judge Siskin, Lisa Bell, Thomas Parkerson, Stan Bennett, and Kirk Catron.  Photograph taken in East Conference Room of United States Supreme Court, Washington, D.C.

* * * * *

Judge Siskin spoke to a pack of local Cub Scouts about the Court system.

- Courtroom Assignments for Judges -

The Trial Judges of the Sixteenth Judicial District hold Court in the following courtrooms:

Judge J. Mark Rogers Room 210
Chancellor Howard W. Wilson Room 306
Judge Royce Taylor Room 411
Judge David Bragg Room 419
Judge M. Keith Siskin Room 507

Please Note: The Circuit Judges regularly hear Chancery cases by interchange, and the Chancellor regularly hears Circuit cases by interchange.  Occasionally, the Judges swap courtrooms depending upon the size of their dockets.  Please check with the Clerk's Office [Chancery - (615) 898-7860; Circuit Civil - (615) 898-7820; Circuit Criminal - (615) 898-7812] to make sure you know where to go for your hearing!

For the latest docketing announcements and news from the Court: @TNCourt16JD

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