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Welcome to Circuit Court, Division III

Serving the Citizens of Rutherford and Cannon Counties

M. Keith Siskin, Judge

Photo of Judge Siskin


- Upcoming Dockets -

The Administrative Judge for Monday 10/20 through Thursday 10/23 is Judge Bragg.

The Administrative Judge for Friday 10/24 is Chancellor Wilson.

Monday 10/20:

9:00 AM: Chancery Trials

Tuesday 10/21:

9:00 AM: Chancery Trials

Wednesday 10/22:

9:00 AM: Circuit Trials

Thursday 10/23:

Judge Unavailable

Friday 10/24:

Judge Unavailable


- Legal News -

New Case Assignments in Rutherford County:

Beginning October 7, 2014, Circuit Court, Division IV (Judge Royce Taylor) will hear criminal cases, and Circuit Court, Division III (Judge Keith Siskin) will hear civil cases.  The other three Trial Judges will continue to hear cases as previously assigned: Circuit Court, Division I (Judge Mark Rogers) will hear civil cases; Circuit Court, Division II (Judge David Bragg) will hear criminal cases; and Chancellor Howard Wilson will hear civil cases.  Orders of Protection will continue to be heard by all of the Trial Judges.



- Activity in Pending Cases -

Andrew T. Lee v. State

Order Denying Post-Conviction Relief

Filed October 3, 2014

For the latest docketing announcements and news from the Court: @TNCourt16JD


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