Secretary of State Tre Hargett and Rutherford County Legislators Present Archives Grant to Rutherford County Archives

Friday, October 09, 2020

Secretary of State Tre Hargett and Rutherford County legislators presented a $2,500 check to Rutherford County Archives Thursday.

The grant was awarded through the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

“This grant provides Rutherford County archivists supplies necessary to properly preserve the county’s history. I appreciate the Rutherford County delegation’s support for this grant," said Secretary Hargett.

“The preservation of Rutherford County’s history is a very worthy cause. I’m grateful these funds are available to provide this outstanding resource for our community.  This money will help our local archivists keep our records in good condition for generations to come.  We also thank Secretary Hargett for his support of these efforts,” said Representative Dawn White.

Representatives Charlie Baum, Tim Rudd, Mike Sparks, and Bryan Terry echoed the importance of preserving history, “Rutherford County Archives houses volumes of irreplaceable documents and records preserving the history of our community and our people. This important investment serves to ensure these treasures are safeguarded and made more accessible to the public for future generations. We are grateful to the Tennessee State Library and Archives and our local archivists for the important work they do preserving Rutherford County’s place in our state’s history.”

State Senator Shane Reeves said, “We are very pleased that these funds are available for this purpose. Many area citizens utilize the archives to research their heritage and to look at the historical identity of our communities.  These funds will provide resources to aid in this effort.  We congratulate our local officials for their work on helping secure these funds which we were happy to support.” 

“We greatly appreciate the opportunity to apply for funding from the Tennessee State Library and Archives, and the Secretary of State,” said Rutherford County Archives Director John Lodl. “This grant will allow us to offset the cost of preserving the legal and historical records of the citizens of Rutherford County as we prepare for the move into our new 10,000 square foot addition, which is slated to open in Spring 2021.”


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