Rutherford County Committees & Boards

Audit Committee  
Agricultural Advisory Board  
Beer Board  
Board of Zoning Appeals  
Codes Enforcement Adjustments
  & Appeals Board
Community Care First Thursday – Noon
Conservation Board Meeting Schedule
Consolidated Utility District  
Correctional Work Center Board  
County Coroner  
Election Commission State Appointed
Emergency Communications
District Board
Equalization Board Meet Once a Year
Health, Education & Facilities Board  
Highland Rim Regional Library Board  
Highway Commission Elected by the People
Industrial Development Board Meet as Needed
Insurance Committee  
Linebaugh Library Board Joint City/County
Medical Examiner  
Planning Commission  
Public Building Authority Meeting Schedule
Records Commission Meet as Needed
Rutherford County Board of Health Meet Quarterly at Noon
School Board Elected by the People
Smyrna/Rutherford County
Airport Authority



Audit Committee    
Will Jordan Commissioner Concurrent with term
Charlie Baum Commissioner Concurrent with term
Wayne Blair School Board Sept. 2014
(2 year term)
Keith Bratcher Road Board

Sept. 2014
(2 year term)

Steve Schroeder Citizen Sept. 2016
(4 year term)
Theresa McKee Citizen Sept. 2014
(4 year term)
Mark Crocker CPA

Sept. 2014
(4 year term)

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Agricultural Advisory Board   Two Year Terms
Anthony David Scales   December 2014
Delia Goodman   December 2014
Steve Sandlin Commissioner December 2014
Francille Whitworth   December 2013
Brandon Whitt   December 2013
Robert Peay Commissioner December 2013
Will Jordan Commissioner December 2013
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Beer Board   Three Year Terms
Keith Bratcher   October 2015
Mike Avery   October 2014
Michael Anderson   October 2014
Jimmy Richardson Alternate October 2014
Jerry Sartain   October 2016
Theresa McKee Alternate October 2016
Jared Barrett   October 2015
Board of Zoning Appeals   Five Year Terms
Zane Cantrell   October 2016
Jerry Sartain   October 2017
Joe Crowell   October 2015
Keith Bratcher   October 2014
Joe Meshotto   October 2018
Michael Wrather Alternate October 2017
Jared Barrett Alternate October 2017
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Codes Enforcement Adjustments & Appeals Board   Three Year Terms
Glenn Taylor   September 2016
Joe Meshotto   September 2016
David Adams   September 2014
Jim Averwater   September 2015
Daryl Alexander   September 2015
Community Care   Three Year Terms
Carol Cook Commissioner Coterminous
Greg Lyles   July 1, 2015
Gene Patterson   July 1, 2015
Annie Ruth Uselton   July 1, 2014
Paul Johnson   July 1, 2014
Frankie Johnson   July 1, 2016
Mike Nunley   July 1, 2016
Kaye Jernigan   December 2015
Ernest Burgess Chairman  
Conservation Board   Five Year Terms
Chuck Clark   February 2014
David Adams   February 2016
Jim Estes   February 2016
David Mitchell   February 2017
Clarence Brandon   February 2018
Ernest Burgess Ex-Officio  
Jim Cope Ex-Officio  
Consolidated Utility District   Four Year Terms
Dr. Rosemary Owens   November 2016
William Waite   November 2015
John L. Batey, Jr.   November 2014
Carter Woodruff   November 2017
Craig Lynch   November 2017
Correctional Work Center Board   Two Year Term
Ernest Burgess Chairman Coterminous
Bernard Salandy Superintendent January 2014
Thomas Hartley   January 2015
Virgil Gammon   January 2015
Frances Mosby   January 2014
Robert Asbury   January 2014
County Coroner   Two Year Term
Mike Nunley   December 2014
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Election Commission   Two Year Terms
Carolyn Peebles   April 2015
Ransom Jones   April 2015
David Edwards   April 2015
Jimmy Evans   April 2015
John Taylor   April 2015
Emergency Communications District Board   Four Year Terms
Ernest Burgess, County Mayor   May 2016
Mayor Tommy Bragg Chief Glenn Chrisman – Rep. May 2014
Mayor Mary Esther Reed Chief Kevin Arnold – Rep. May 2017
Mayor Senna Mosley Chief Mike Walker - Rep. May 2017
Mayor Sam Tune   May 2017
Cumbey Gaines,
Murfreesboro Fire Chief
  May 2016
Mike Nunley   May 2016
John Hood   May 2014
Sheriff Robert Arnold   May 2014
Equalization Board   Two Year Terms
Tim Rudd   April 2014
David Adams   April 2014
Edmond Deslatte   April 2014
James O. Baker   April 2014
Richard Reeves (City)   April 2014
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Health, Education &
Facilities Board
  Six Year Terms
Edwin Davenport   August 2015
James O. Baker   August 2019
Bill Jones   August 2019
Rob Lyons   August 2017
Jimmy Evans   August 2017
David Waldron   August 2017
Randall Matlock   August 2015
Stones River Regional Library Board   Three Year Terms
Kathryn Boudreau-Henry   August 2016
Nell Blankenship   June 2014
Highway Commission   Four Year Terms
John Goad 1-Dist. 14-19-20 August 2016
Keith Bratcher 2-Dist. 1-2-3 August 2014
Randal Jones 3-Dist. 4-6-7 August 2016
Richard Steagall 4-Dist. 8-9-10 August 2014
David “Rabbit” Victory 5-Dist. 5-11-12 August 2014
Paul Johnson 6-Dist. 13-15-16 August 2016
Michael Anderson 7-Dist. 17-18-21 August 2016
Greg Brooks Hwy. Supt. August 2016
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Industrial Development Board   Six Year Terms
Edwin Davenport   August 2015
James O. Baker   August 2019
Bill Jones   August 2019
Rob Lyons   August 2017
Jimmy Evans   August 2017
David Waldron   August 2017
Randall Matlock   August 2015
Insurance Committee    
Regina Harvey REA  
Merry Hickerson Hwy. Dept.  
Elizabeth Crace Co. Employee Rep. January 2016
Virgil Gammon Co. Employee Rep. January 2014
Ricky Marlin Citizen-at-large August 2016
Greg Hall Citizen-at-large August 2016
Donnie Hester Citizen-at-large August 2015
Susan Boney Citizen-at-large August 2015
Jeff Sandvig    
Joe Russell    
Paula Barnes School Board  
Ernest Burgess County Mayor  
Allen McAdoo Commissioner  
Joyce Ealy Commissioner  
Will Jordan Commissioner  
Jim Cope Ex-Officio  
Lisa Nolen Ex-Officio  
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Linebaugh Library Board   Three Year Terms
Melissa Batey County Rep. June 2016
Marilyn Castelli County Rep. June 2016
Christie Lee County Rep. June 2014
Nell Blankenship County Rep. June 2014
Kari Sostrom County Rep. June 2014
Richard Garvin, Jr. County Rep. June 2015
Suma Clark County Rep. June 2015
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Medical Examiner   Appointed
Dr. Bart Warner   August 1999
Planning Commission   Four Year Terms
Craig Lynch   August 2015
Veronica Buchanan   August 2016
Mike Kusch   August 2015
Jim Averwater   August 2014
Chip Pinion        August 2017
Mike Vaught   August 2015
Pettus Read   August 2016
Rhonda Allen Commissioner Coterminous
Will Jordan Commissioner Coterminous
Jeff Phillips Commissioner Coterminous
Steve Sandlin Commissioner Coterminous
Public Building Authority   Six Year Terms
Steven Waldron   January 2020
Scott Porterfield   January 2020
Jim Bailey   January 2020
Mike Picklesimer   January 2018
Stan Vaught   January 2018
Dow Smith   January 2016
Leslie Smith   January 2016
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Records Commission   Six Year Terms
Brian Robertson   Indefinite
Robert Stevens Commissioner Coterminous
Heather Dawbarn Reg., Ex-Officio  
Susan Daniel Sec. Indefinite
Laura Bohling Rep. Judges  
Greg Tucker Historian, Ex-Offico  
Lisa Crowell County Clerk,
John Lodl Archivist, Ex-Officio  
Rutherford County
Board of Health
  Four Year Terms
Tammy Adams, M.D.   June 2014
James Garner, M.D.   June 2014
Ronald Wright, D.D.S.   June 2014
Chad Mills, Pharm.   June 2014
Judy Campbell, R.N.   June 2014
Charles Kinard, D.V.M.   June 2014
Dana Garrett,
Health Dept. Director
Don Odom   Coterminous
Ernest Burgess   Coterminous
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School Board   Four Year Terms
Aaron B. Holladay Zone 1 August 2014
Coy Young Zone 2 August 2016
Helen Blankenship Zone 3 August 2016
Wayne Blair Zone 4 August 2014
Terry Hodge Zone 5 August 2016
David Nipper Zone 6 August 2016
Tim Tackett Zone 7 August 2014
Don Odom Director of Schools  
Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport Authority   Three – Five Year Terms
Graeme Coates LaVergne Rep.* March 2017
Steve Harrison County Rep. March 2016
Helene Colvin County Rep. March 2018
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* LaVergne Rep. to be approved by County Mayor & Commission. County Mayor makes appointment and Commission confirms.