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Rutherford County Government is committed to providing employees and their eligible family members a comprehensive, cost effective and affordable benefits package. The benefits offered to employees are designed to allow employees a choice of plans that will meet their specific needs and individual circumstances. Programs have been integrated into the plans to promote, encourage and support healthy lifestyles. Premiums for the Medical, Dental and Vision plans are deducted pre tax subject to Section 125 of the IRS code.


The following links will provide more detailed information about available benefit plans, cost for coverage, enrollment rules, and procedures to enroll or decline benefits available for the 2016 plan year:

2016 Benefits Enrollment Guide

Choosing a Medical Plan


Important Notice: Verification of eligibility is mandatory for all dependents added to Medical, Dental and/or Vision benefits. Dependent children ages 19 up to 25 must meet additional eligibility requirements in order to be enrolled in a Dental and/or Vision plan. Please click on the link below for additional information.

Dependent Eligibility Definitions and Required Documents


You have 30 calendar days to notify Risk Management if you have a qualifying Life Event. You will be required to provide proof of the Life Event and eligibility documentation in order to add a member to insurance benefits. Click on the link below to veiw a list of qualifying Life Events.

Eligible Life Event Rules


Employease is the Human Resources Benefit (HRB) system utilized by Rutherford County Government.
Access to this system is limited to employees only.

Click on the link below to access the online enrollment system:

ADP Employease

The ADP Employease website provides employees access to:

  • Benefit plan enrollment when eligibility commences
  • Benefit plan changes during Open Enrollment period
  • Plan changes subject to Life Status rules governed by IRS guidelines for Pre Tax deduction (Section 125)
    • Birth/Adoption of child(ren)
    • Death of dependent
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
  • Life insurance beneficiary designation
  • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) can be accessed using the Information Tab:
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Section 125 Guidelines
    • Life Insurance