Picture of burning


Rutherford County - TN (October 7, 2022) Fire Marshals from Rutherford County Fire & Rescue and Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department have issued a ban on open burning in their respective jurisdictions.

The ban is effective Friday October 7, 2022 and will remain in effect until conditions improve. A prolonged period without rainfall and abnormally dry atmospheric conditions have led City/County Fire Marshals to issue the ban.

Rutherford County has also seen a significant increase in brush/grass fires in recent days. Fire officials emphasize that open burning in violation of the ban can result in rapidly spreading fires causing significant property damage, injury or loss of life.

Please contact the Rutherford County Fire Marshal's Office at 615-907-3600 or the City of Murfreesboro Fire Marshal's Office at 615-849-2605 for further details.